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Portrait photography worries

Portrait photography worries?

So what stops you from going to a professional photographer and getting your portrait photography  done?

Is it that you feel uncomfortable about the process? Do you feel you are not photogenic? Is the cost an issue? Is it a combination of several things?

Hopefully if you read this post it will help those persons that tend to pass a photographer by and not give us a second thought.

Photographs have been a tradition in families for many generations. Before portrait photographs people would practice for hours to draw their family member and friends as well as special events such as a new baby, wedding or birthday. The tradition goes very far back to the middle ages.

Today many people seem to have a fear or disregard for profession portrait photography.

Many feel that they can do it themselves with digital programs and the accessibility of digital cameras such as their phones.

While it is true that you can capture a good look photo from one of these devices and then improve it with photo programs on your computer, a professional photographer, however, will capture all the emotion, feelings, and connections that will stir memories, imagination and the love you had for that person or moment. It will be captured by some one who has studied lighting, posing and design, to make your portrait ignite the deep emotions that all of us have.

At Country Studio we strive to bring you the easiest and most comfortable experience in crating your special portraits. With state of the art equipment and the the most up-to-date trends we create the most memorable images that will be handed down from family member to family member for a very long time. We will come to you and create your portrait in the familiar surroundings of you home or office

I would welcome your thoughts on this subject, so please feel free to post your comments!

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