Photo Retouching Bristol

Photo retouching removes the skin imperfections  from the initial image, fixes creased clothes and poor lighting; creating a much smoother and lighter and blemish free image.

Our in house photo retouching services can be used for both portrait retouching and photo restoration.

Kate Thompson
Our Photo retouching service is offered to help you when discovering either a modest or major defect on a vital shot you supposed was immaculate. Retouching will not only save you  considerable time but , all the more essentially, your  reputation.

If you need to add warmth and sparkle to a photo for a magazine layout or restore skin parts and surface to a photograph that was badly  lit,  we have the adroitness and setup to help you swiftly and effectively. We can enhance regular shades and tone to outside an location image or add new components to indoor photography shoots.

A basic commission might include:-

Retouching, colour adjustment, as well as contrast and brightness , which are examples of digital image processing that make your pictures appear sharp, detailed and harmonious.

Retouching of models:-

Fashion magazine covers are often adorned with perfect-looking photo models with nothing out of place and perfectly smooth skin.  To get to that image a model’s skin needs to be cleaned up, clothes are to be smoothed and the light must be perfect, many clothing companies, magazines and photographers send their ‘raw’ images to retouchers for treatment in order to achieve that level of perfection.

Retouching of portraits:-

Portrait retouching requires far more sensitivity as the client is normally the person in the image and its their decision how far you take the retouching, for example what you do with little scars, birth marks, freckles and skin tones .

K5A_2002 retouched  (Copy)
.K5A_2002 unretouched (Copy)

Before                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      After

Photo retouching Bristol

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